Muse (Picture 2014)


From childhood on Mira Borghs has captured the external world and brought her internal world outside through painting, drawing, poetry, music and photography. Since 2011 she has explored the digital world and assembled analogue and digital pictures and videowork in which she places objects and persons in a new context. Each image she chooses from the perspective of contrast, curiosity and atmosphere. Due to personal ways of abstracting she isolates figures and a sense of estrangement takes in a prior role.



-2011 – 2022: Digital Interactive Media in SLAC Leuven

-2009 – 2011: Painting in SLAC Leuven

-2008 – 2009: Visual Arts in SLAC Leuven

-2001 – 2002: 1st year Mixed Media – PHL in Hasselt

-1998 – 2000: Modeldrawing in VUB Kultuurcafé Trefcentrum Y/Pleinlaan 2/1050 Brussels

-2006 - 2008: Teacher's degree/Groep t/Leuven

-1996 – 2004: Master Germanic languages English and Dutch/Literature VUB and KUL

-1984 – 1996: Visual Arts in Academy for Visual Arts Sint-Truiden

-1990: OLVA-price, Academy Sint-Truiden

-1990 - 1996: Latin - Mathematics in K.A. Sint-Truiden


Group exhibitions

2019 - 2022

- Expo finalisering SLAC: Maakleerplek  

- Expo Ensemble: video Voyage + Blueprint


- 18 till 20 June 2022: Prints The Robe and Mirrornature for Expo Motherland for Ukraine: in Het Bos in Antwerp

-Oogst 2021:     cyanotype print   

-10th October 2021: Performance: Paint me!: Hal 5 Kessel-Lo: Genderproject

-Lift-Off Sessions     

                     My Single 

-Online Expo SLAC

2018 - 2019

-www.brusselsfilmfestival.com/: As trees we will return


-WundergroundFilmFestival: As trees we will return


-Somerville festival M.A.: As trees we will return


-Ongezien kort: filmfestival Antwerp Belgium: Video: As trees we will return


-More = More, Sint-Niklaas, 2 March 2018 - 8 April 2018



-Installation with audio and videomapping: My Single


-Warnings: videovoorstelling : Sint-Pieters-Leeuw: video


-Out of the Box: videovoorstelling: cc De Borre Bierbeek




-27 August 2016 Jazztemblieft Antwerpen:        Posters Golden Hair and Golden fly

-SLAC Leuven   :     Utopia 2:  Groepswerk Projecties video en audio

-LABO Kunstroute/Opek Vaartkom 4/3000 Leuven: Little Fire: video and beamer installation

-BYOB Bozar/Brussels: Hiding 1 and 2, Suddenly, Paintscape:Videopaintings: video

-Artfestival Artisj/Monty Kultuurfaktorij/Montignystraat 3/Antwerp: Let’s have an audience: Public art

-Ithaka/Leuven: BYOB: Little Fire





-Fizz Fameus: Expo: Postcards and BringYourOwnBeamer Antwerp: Ghosts/Sleep/Self-Portraits of an artist and postcard

print The Robe

-BringYourOwnBeamer: VideoArtfestival Gent: Ghosts: video

-Carte Blanche: Slac Leuven: Video + Audio 'The Big Draw'

-Oogst SLAC Leuven: Digital installation: Vuurtje (Little fire)

-Drive-In Movies Club 9 Beringen-Koersel: cinema: Video: Sleep

-SLAC: digital installation: Vuurtje (Little Fire) and Video: Self-Portraits of an artist

-Open Atelier evening: Open atelier during opening Cas-co in Leuven

-Library Tweebronnen Leuven: Books: Video Dreambooks: PoetryPainting




-tentoonstelling SLAC: Digitale installatie van foto en video ´Ratman‘




-SLAC: video ´Sleep´ on monitor

-Domestic Cherry picture ´The Raven´(2008) in Art Gallery in Swindon, Engeland

-Atlas Antwerpen: videos Dutch for foreign language speakers


2001 en 2002


-Photograph exhibitions and competitions of Curieus Limburg/Voorzorg Hasselt: 3 photographs Hands and Living


-Borghs, M;(2020). Coronagedichten. Interview Radio DNO by Delia Bremer, Het OOR, 25 May 2020

-Borghs, M.(2015). De doodskast. Honourable mention for Hendrik writing contest short stories 2015

-Interview Mira Borghs by Chris Schoeters

-Poems and pictures China

-Borghs, M.(2013). Semois

-Borghs, M.(2013). Het wc-monster. (the toiletmonster) In: Fakkeltjesmagazine nr 2 November - December 2013, p 6-7

(aquarel illustrations)

-Borghs, M.(2013). Impressions of Bruges: Bruges, Bruges in December, Ice people of Bruges.

In: Domestic Cherry 3, p. 70, Swindon, Snove Books

-Borghs, M.(2013). Last Feast. P 1 – 40, Belfast, Lapwing Publications

-Borghs, M.(2012). Zomerkoningin (Summerqueen). In: Fakkeltjesmagazine 2012 (+illustration)   

-Borghs, M.(2011). Nihilius.   

-Borghs, M.(2011). A Chinese Dream of Love.   In:   Domestic Cherry 1, p. 80, Swindon, Snove Books

-Borghs, M.(2011). Poem 'Nachtelijke dans'. In: competition Poetry of the night: price for one of the first ten places

-Borghs, M.(2010). Koningin Herfst (Queen Autumn). In: Fakkeltjesmagazine nr 2 november-december 2010, p. 14-15 (+illustration)

-Borghs, M.(2010). Lentekoningin (Springqueen). In: Fakkeltjesmagazine nr 4 maart-april 2010, p. 14-15 (+illustration)

-Borghs, M. (2009).'Sid en de zonnebril' (Sid and the sunglasses) . In: Tienerfakkel nr 2 november-december 2009, p. 6-7 (+illustration)

-Borghs, M.(2009). 'Vriendjes leren worden' (Learn to be Friends). In: Fakkeltjesmagazine nr 3 januari-februari 2009, p. 6-7 (+illustration)

-Borghs, M.(2008). 'Koningin Vorst' (Queen Frost). In: Fakkeltjesmagazine nr 2 november--december 2008, p.12-13


-Borghs, M.(2008).'Het Droompareltje' (The little dreampearl). In: Fakkeltjesmagazine nr 5 mei-juni 2008, jg. 8, p. 6-7(+illustration)

-Borghs, M.(2006). 'De muzikoli' (The Muzikoli). In: Fakkeltjeskrant nr1 september-oktober 2006, p. 14-15   

-Borghs, M.(2005).  'Mijn kind dat slaapt' (My child that sleeps). In: Schrijversweb 2005: 

-Borghs, M.(2005).  'Haar schilderijen' (Her paintings). In: Schrijversweb 2005: 

-Borghs, M.(2005). 'Banket der liefde' (Banquet of love). In: Schrijversweb 2005:

-Borghs, M.(2004). 'Haar schilderijen' (Her paintings). In: Aubade, Verzamelde gedichten van Nederlandse en Belgische auteurs, p. 36, Roermond, De Vleermuis

-Mira and Werner (2000). Nocturnal Vibes. Music Werner and Lyrics (poem) and Voice Mira. In: Soundcloud